Molecular weight measurement
no LC, no fragmentation (MS1)145 PLN
no LC, fragmentation (MS1+MS2)180 PLN
LC separation on RP-18 and fragmentation255 PLN
Protein identification from gel with LC separation (Orbitrap type spectrometer)
digestion with trypsin508 PLN
digestion with other protease556 PLN
Protein identification with LC separation (Exploris spectrometer)
44 min run, digestion with trypsin508 PLN
88 min run, digestion with trypsin628 PLN
44 min run, digestion with other proteases556 PLN
88 min run, digestion with other proteases676 PLN
additional 44 min run (same sample)340 PLN
additional 88 min run (same sample)460 PLN
Additional procedures
TiO2 phosphopeptide enrichment144 PLN
protein concentration measurement43 PLN
SP3 extraction120 PLN
Protein concentration/precipitation120 PLN
10 kDa filtering144 PLN
ZipTip fractionation144 PLN

Prices do not include VAT. Valid from 2022-10-01 to 2022-12-31.