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  • Molecular weight measurement, no digestion or protein fragmentation:
80 PLN 20 EUR*
  • Molecular weight measurement with LC separation:
150 PLN 35 EUR*
  • Protein identification with LC separation
    (nanoAcquity UPLC and Orbitrap type mass spectrometer)
1h run 220 PLN 55 EUR*
3h run 400 PLN 100 EUR*
additional 1h run (same sample) 100 PLN 25 EUR*
additional 3h run (same sample) 280 PLN 70 EUR*
  • TiO2 enrichment for phosphopeptides:
100 PLN 25 EUR*
  • Differential proteomics and other analysis types:

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Service fees do not include tax.

* estimated; exact fees depend on current exchange rate